Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trash World

Brian says that we can recycle the plastic produce bags with the plastic grocery bags. Assuming he is correct, I've been trashing stuff (and including it in my trash videos) that I should have been taking back to the grocery store's recycling program. Better yet, it looks like we can use biodegradable plastics and compost those? Here's more info. I'm a little skeptical. Of course, the first step is to reduce. Eventually, I'd like to switch to reusing durable containers or reusable bags for produce and bulk items.

In related news, my friend Craig who was here for Thanksgiving was surprised to see me throwing out wax paper. Here's a discussion about composting wax paper. If I can use that as a Saran Wrap replacement, that would be a significant reduction in trash for us, as the video here would suggest.

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  1. It's worthy of note that the various sports and action figures who figured in this drama are not part of the trash. They were simply elected to partake in the horror of it all...